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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shopping Day!

Since my roommate went home this weekend and I hadn't planned on heading home until Sunday night; so with nothing to do...I of course went shopping. And because I only wore a t-shirt and gym shorts out today I figured I would at least post some sort of fashionable ensemble, so I put on 2 pieces I got today!

Blazer: Urban Thread (in Five Points) ($20)
Shoes: Urban Thread ($28)
Dress: Forever21 ($12) -not from my trip today

The shoes had to be the best part of the trip. When I went out I was not expecting to buy shoes because I already have soooo many; but these I couldn't pass up! They're the wedges that have a small little heel in them. And for some reason I just always love when I see these kind of shoes. I've seen them priced online for at least $50 so the fact that I got these for only $28 makes me ecstatic!

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