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Friday, August 31, 2012


The weather managed to be beautiful today! When I woke up I wasn't feeling like putting anything cute on since I only had one class today BUT when I looked out the window and saw how pretty it was I couldn't help but want to put on a dress. I even curled my hair...but that didn't last very long in this heat that Columbia is notorious for.

Dress: Forever21 ($17)
Cardigan: Thifted - Target ($3)
Belt: Forever21 ($8)
Necklace (has a little Eiffle Tower on it): Forever21 ($3)
Shoes: TOMS ($60)
I feel like I'm always wearing stripes now....it's just a phase I guess. We'll see. I wish I could wear other shoes but with all the walking I really have no other option than to wear my TOMS because tennis shoes just DO NOT go with my outfits. It's fine to wear sneakers with shorts and tshirts but not with what I wear. Sorry hahaha 

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