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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Busy Day

This post is dedicated to two of my awesome friends who reminded me that I haven't posted an outfit in a couple days. So here you go guys! (Even though you saw me in it today hahaha)

The weather hasn't been very nice lately. Rainy, then muggy, then kinda rainy, and then muggy again; so my outfits have been reflecting that lately. I didn't post my outfit yesterday primarily because I forgot and maybe because it looked kinda like the one from the day before *guilty face*

Shirt: Forever21 ($20)
Cardigan: Forever21 ($8)
Tank: Forever21 ($2)
Belt: Forever21 (came with a dress)
Jeans: JcPenny ($17)
Shoes: TOMS ($60)
Watch: Same as usual (gift from Belk's)
Bracelets (around watch): Stein Mart ($4 for a set of like 6 and I'm only wearing 4) 
I'm hoping that the weather gets nicer so that I can wear dresses and skirts again or it would be great if the weather would just cool down so I could layer without feeling like I was burning up!

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