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Thursday, September 13, 2012


On to my outfit from yesterday!

This is my favorite dress to wear; hands down. It has a perfect fit and its garnet. USC Gamecocks anyone?

Blazer: Urban Thread ($20)
Dress: Francesca's Collections ($44)
Belt: Forever21 (came with a dress)
Necklace: Forever21 ($8)
This is the first time that I have recycled a dress and worn it again since I moved in to my dorm. So of course I had to make it my favorite dress! The best way to mix up a piece of clothing that you want to wear a lot is to add a jacket or blazer. It adds something else to the outfit and amps up the piece (my dress in particular). Previously, I wore the dress by itself with plenty of jewelry. This time, one necklace and my watch was all I needed to complete this outfit.
Also, Francesa's Collections has to be my other favorite store besides Forever21. If I had to specify I would say that Francesa's is my favorite store for better quality clothing and Forever21 is my favorite store for fashion staples/basics. I'm more likely to go in Francesa's and spend more for a dress because I know that it's worth it and will last a long time.

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