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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Forever21 Insight

I've been scolding myself for not getting around to my blog the past couple of days but by the end of the day I just haven't found the time to get on the computer for anything other than homework!
But I'm finally back on and ready to post 3 outfits today!

I'll start with Tuesday of this week:

I'd forgotten about this skirt because when I moved in I just shoved it into some random shelf in the organizer in my closet. But upon going through said organizer over the weekend I came across this skirt and immediately knew I had to put together an outfit with it.

Tank: Forever21 ($2)
Shawl: Forever21 ($5 on sale)
Skirt: Forever21 ($8)
Long Necklace: Stein Mart ($10)
Short Necklace: Forever21 ($3)
The sale sections at Forever21 are the best for cardigans, shawls, and other basic staples because they are usually a little too expensive when they're not on sale. This shawl was originally $20 and because it is so flimsy I'm glad that I only paid $5 for it. Same thing with Forever21's cardigans; they are usually very thin and I wait to look on the sale racks for them so I can buy a lot for a small price.

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