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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Final Day at Home

My mother, sister, and I decided to go out to eat and go shopping before I go to move in tomorrow. Normally this wouldn't be a problem...except for the fact that all my clothes are packed up in a bunch of boxes waiting to be lugged an hour away. The only clothes I had allotted myself for the past few days included shorts and tshirts; and not cute ones. I'm talking about the kind that you haven't let see the outside of your room in YEARS. So I decided to open ONE box. As I did so I told myself that I'd grab the first thing I saw and make it work. Luckily I picked the box that had one of my versatile Forever21 dresses in it! Here's a look at the last minute outfit that I threw together with some accessories that I hadn't packed up yet.

The best way to take a simple dress and turn it into a unique outfit is to first start with a classic piece. The dress is a recent (beginning of the summer) purchase from Forever21 for about $15. It's simple enough to go with a lot of things...such as the leopard loafers I'm wearing with them! I bought these this summer as well from Journey's ($20). The brand is Dollhouse. Mixing patterns is my favorite trend at the moment. Next, I almost always put on a belt because it cinches in your waist and streamlines the outfit! This one is also from Forever21 ($9). And last I like to spice up my outfits with some finishing jewelry. The hummingbird necklace is from Forever21 (~$5). The ring I bought in the market in Charleston (~$7). And lastly, the earrings I got at Francesca's ($9).

The total for today's outfit is roughly $65! Most of my outfits are all under $100 and I look forward to creating budget savy looks for you once I move into my cramped little space tomorrow!

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