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Friday, August 24, 2012

Cozy Chic

So I decided that today I wanted to go with something that was a little more comfortable because I have to walk...a lot. My supply of jeans is fairly large so I went for another bright pair like these mint (light turquoise? robin's egg blue? I don't really know what color they are but I like them!) skinnies. Pairing them with the perfect shirt and cardigan makes for a really cozy look that I can't wait to pair with boots when the weather cools down!

Jeans: Gap ($70)
Shirt: Forever21 ($10)
Tank Top: Forever21 ($2)
Cardigan: Forever21 ($8)
Shoes: TOMS ($60)
Belt: Forever21 -same as yesterday
Earrings: Forever21 ($7)
Necklace: Gift from friends but I know it's from Handpicked!
It seems as if I went to Forever21 for most of this outfit today huh? I really love Forever21 because you can find basic pieces for really cheap prices that you can't really find anywhere else! Like the shirt for $10? STEAL! The jeans were really a splurge but I just LOVE them so much! I have so many from Gap because the fit is perfect and they're so soft! I highly recommened buying jeans from Gap if you can afford them!

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