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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Staying Infinitely Warm

Now that it's January; here in Columbia it's finally getting cold!! I could finally bring out my new HUGE infinity scarf that I bought about a month ago. It just hasn't been cold enough yet. I love this scarf because my neck is completely covered and it keeps me perfectly warm! I paired it with my mustand pants because I love the color combo! I also recently got these new brown boots thanks to my best friend and awesome roommate! (: I've needed knee-high brown boots for forever it seems and I finally got some.
Scarf: Target ($20)
Shirt: Forever21 ($10)
Pants: Belk's (New Direction brand) ($20)
Boots: Forever21 ($40)


  1. I adore the mix of colors and patterns here - and that infinity scarf, I bet you were WARM! ;o)

  2. Cute outfit! Love the yellow pants!

  3. Love the big scarf! The stripes and mustard are a good combo too :-)
    Jeans and a Teacup