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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Go Gamecocks!

I feel like the more I apologize for not posting on a regular basis, the more I forget to post on a regular basis....I'm just always crunched for time it seems lately. So here's two pictures today!
Cheers for procrastination!

I wore this the day before the game and honestly the garnet and black was an accident but I love it nonetheless. I do not usually go for the leggings and tunic look, but I only had one class this day and I was extremely tired. The scarf and the belt make this outfit more appealing since I attempted to do some sort of accessorizing. I got the scarf in New York and it is literally one of my favorite scarves because it is SO soft. I want to go back to New York just to get more please. Road trip anyone?

Shirt: Stein Mart (BCBG brand $15)
Scarf: Market in New York ($5)
Belt: usual
Leggings: Charlotte Russe FOREVER AGO ($5)
Watch: gift (Belk's)
Bracelets: Stein Mart ($4 for set of 10)
Dress: Forever21 ($17)
Blazer: Urban Thread ($20)
Belt: Handmade sash I made from an old garnet dress that no longer fit right. (I'm a sucker for anything DIY)
Although my roommates does not like when girls dress up for the football games; I couldn't help myself. I agree with her on the basis that girls should not wear high heels and mini skirts to games/tailgating because honestly, how in the hell are you even comfortable?! I'm not harping on girls who wear dresses because I live in dresses about 75% of the week. I felt comfortable in this all through tailgating and the game.

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