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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ready for Fall

As soon as September hit I've been craving scarves, boots, jeans, and warm drinks. Unfortunately, in South Carolina the weather in September is hardly cold yet. It's getting there not that we're at the end but it's still a little too hot for my liking.
I wore this outfit Wednesday last week and luckily it felt a little cooler that day. I had to substitute the flow-y shawl in place of a jacket that day because I had 3 classes and I didn't want to get hot walking around. The scarf got a little hot around mid-day but what's fashion without a little suffering right?
Shawl: Forever21 ($10)
Scarf: Forever21 ($5)
Jeans: JcPenny ($17)
Shoes: Anyone wanna guess? Starts with a "T"
P.S.: I wish my hair looked like this more often. It's pretty rare for it to be that straight. Probably didn't look like that at the end of the day hahaha.

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