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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Settled and Content

Hello from my dorm room! Having spend my first night in my new bed, I am glad to say that my room is completely unpacked and organized to my desire. The only complaint that I will bother you with is the constant trains that go by our dorm..The next time I go out I am definitely going to buy earplugs! A girl can't sleep till noon around here with all that noise! ;)

Before I show you my room, let me show you the tool I used to make all of my clothes (well most of them anyway) into my tiny little closet.

My roommate introduced these to me and I am forever grateful to her for that! You hang 5 things on it and then it folds down so that your clothes hang vertically downward. If my roommate would not have given me hers (since she really didn't need them..) I would not have been able to fit even half my clothes in the closet.

Here's a look at what about 16 of these things got me in my closet:

Along with some other useful contraptions such as the shoe rack and pants hangers (one hanger can hold up to 6 pants!) I managed to cram most of my clothing in here. Though I will sadly say that under my bed I still have a container full of some dresses and shirts that didn't make the cut into the closet. I'm undecided about whether I'll send them home or leave them there!

For even more organization I found this cool hanger that holds earrings and necklaces!

And one last thing! I've managd to take up the whole back of the door with my scarves. Sorry roomie! You're welcome to use them anytime you want! (:

Here's a look at the rest of my dorm:

I brought a lot to hang up so I would have a taste of home in here. Many of these things are from close friends over the years and I'm glad I could have room for them in my home away from home!

I'm off to go do whatever college students do before classes start...haven't really figured out what yet. My car decided to die last night so my roommate and I have already trekked way across campus and back. Maybe I'll go back to sleep since the trains may have stopped for now. Or I could plan an outfit for later! We'll see.

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  1. What an adorable little dorm room. Much, much cuter than the one I had in college.

    Really enjoying reading your blog so far.