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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Black: My Go-To Color

First let me say that this outfit is from yesterday and my outfit from today will be posted later!

Whenever I'm having difficulty picking out an outfit I almost always resort to an outfit that is based on something from my wardrobe that is black. I think black is a blank canvas to create a great outfit since it goes with practically everything (I say practically because I don't like it with certain brown hues). If I were to tell you how many pieces of clothing I own that are black; it would take me a couple of hours to blog about it.

Blazer: Urban Thread (Five Points in Columbia) ($20)
Tank: Forever21 ($2)
Skirt: Forever21 ($10)
Shoes: Cathy Jean (Harbison Mall) ($20)
Pink Necklace: Forever21 ($6)
Black and Gold Necklace: Forever21 ($4)
Watch: Family gift
Other bracelets: gifts as well
I like the femininity of the light pink skirt but because it's a little too girly I added all the black to rough it up some. The blazer is all lace so there are still some other girly touches to the outfit but overall I like how the pink and black compliment each other.
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  1. Black it is!! When I have no idea what to weat it´s also black and something else =) I like your skirt a lot!

    If you like my blog how about following each other ? =)